Head to the Heart Confirmation Program

Link for the schedule:  2017/2018 is year A in lesson rotation
H2H Lesson Rotation

Faith 5 Explained

Confirmation:   September – December 2017 Schedule

Head to the Heart – Adolescent Confirmation Ministry
Help your teenagers discover that learning about God can be fun! Head to the Heart (H2H) helps revolutionize confirmation from lecture/classroom to the very best relational/experiential model of confirmation. H2H is based on the latest in adolescent brain research helping kids retain the info and helping churches retain the kids!

H2H combines current life with Biblical truths. It features art, music, skits, and game shows, while building lasting caring relationships at church. Blend learning, Christian service and fellowship with our time-tested methods.

Then, use the Home Journals and FAITH5 to pull parents into the process every night in every home. It’s not only possible but achievable with these time-tested tools!

Head to Heart is our confirmation ministry for students in grades 7 – 9.  We follow a three year curriculum that covers all aspects to Lutheran Faith from Luther’s Small Catechism to the Ten Commandments. Year A theme sessions are on  “New and Old Testaments” and the “The Life of Jesus”. Year B theme sessions are on “The Ten Commandments”  and the “Lord’s Prayer” . Year C theme sessions are the “Apostles Creed” and “Luther and the Small Catechism”.  H2H runs most Sundays from September to end of May and starts Sunday morning at 9:15am.
bible together

December 7, 2014
“Life of Jesus”  Lesson – the Resurrection
The youth had to wrap up a fellow youth in Toilet paper.resurrection_wrap





May 20, 2018 is going to be Pentecost Sunday / Confirmation Sunday

Congratulation to the Confirmation Class of all the years.  Friends, family, mentors and congregation all came out to support our youth in this important step of affirming their baptism and taking charge of their own faith journeys.

June 4, 2017 – was Pentecost Sunday / Confirmation Sunday
May 15, 2016 – was Pentecost Sunday / Confirmation Sunday 
May 24, 2015 – was Pentecost Sunday / Confirmation Sunday 
June 8, 2014 – was Pentecost Sunday / Confirmation Sunday 


Getting ready just before the service