2016 Bethlehem Live, Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 2016

2016 Picnic Fun, June 12, 2016

Annual Church Picnic.  It was the 50th anniversary of our current church in Steinbach, that was celebrated with a special cake and balloons for the kids.  And even though it was raining, much fun was had with “Pies for PEI”.  Congregants were able to buy whip cream pies to “pie” Pastor, Rev.,Lisa Wilson, Don Neufeld and even a youth, Arabella Teetaert.

Fishing Trip – Brad and Barb’s Cabin

“Camping at the lake? No problem, just take along your tent or your camper. Mosquitoes at the lake? No problem, just take along some bug repellent.

Preaching at the lake? No problem, just count on Brad Mehling to whip up a spectacular “bush” pulpit.”

Preaching at Whitefish


 The MNO Clay Vamp Up, May 2016

The MNO Convention @ St. Paul’s, April 2016

The Curling Funspiel, March 6, 2016

44 people curled and had great fellowship and food.


The SPY Jungle Dinner and Entertainment January 23, 2016