Baptism is a very potent part of Christianity.

God makes you part of his family for no other reason than sheer love. Baptism is a pure act of grace.

Only by God’s grace can we renounce the forces of evil and the power of sin.  In this simple ceremony with water and a few ancient words about being baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we are made a part of the family of God – one holy catholic and apostolic Church – for all time and eternity.

There is mystery in that, but it is not magic. In faith, we must lay claim to Baptism’s promise.

With the whole church, we confess our faith in the triune God.  The baptized are marked with the cross of Christ forever and we pray that the gift of the Holy Spirit sustain the baptized.  On behalf of the whole church we welcome them into the body of Christ.  Water connected to the Word – God’s saving promise in Jesus Christ- is at the very center .

Infant Baptism
Immersion vs. Sprinkling