Worship and Music – Mandate:  This committee shall have special responsibilities under the supervision of the Pastor for matters pertaining to worship services in the Church, and the music used therein; the general spiritual care and growth of the congregation, and shall make recommendations to the Church Council.  It will explore and develop a music program which will increase meaningful worship in accordance with authorized liturgies and rituals of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the authorized hymn books of the Church.  The committee shall be appointed annually.
Continuity – No person shall succeed him/herself for more than three terms, with the exception of the organist, choir director, and music leaders for the contemporary service.
In Short – This committee is responsible for the music and anything pertaining to decisions about services (other than what the Pastor takes care of)

Parish (Christian) Education – Mandate:  This committee on Parish Education will have special responsibility under the supervision of the Pastor to operate the programs of the congregation to promote and encourage motivation in learning and living in Christian faith.
Continuity – The committee is appointed annually, with no limit as to the number of times a person can exceed him/or herself.
In Short – This committee makes decisions and plans for Sunday School, Confirmation, Youth and any other education.

Cemetery – This committee is set-up to oversee anything that would pertain to the cemeteries ie.  maintenance, columbariums, plots.

Relational Ministries – Mandate:  This committee oversees and supports relationship building programs of the church, small group ministries, family ministries, and special congregational events.
Continuity – Terms of office shall be one year with the intent that there is an orderly rotation of the members on the committee and the option to be re-appointed.
In Short – This committee plans and executes the events that the church holds ie. golfing, fishing, curling, kick-off Sundays as well as taking care of other ministries under them.

Financial – This committee oversees the budget and all finances in the church.